Be Still


Stillness is the quiet expectation of worship, Goodness pouring forth, preparing me for what lies ahead. 

Even in the darkness there is anticipation of light.  Stillness, waiting for light to peak over the horizon, east.

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The Better Way to Love

He lifted the plastic wrap from a plate that held a single piece of cake.  The chocolate icing had melted underneath and it was pulling away as he lifted it.  He responded by gently touching each side, one side at a time, peeling back the corners until the entire piece of cake was uncovered perfectly intact.   

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Be Kind and Be Real

We met on a morning when the rain was pouring down.  Fidgeting with our Bibles and umbrellas, filled with nervous expectation of what lay ahead. 

This was our first time to meet this way, prepared with some hard-edged questions that we were sure would find resolution as we wrestled through them together.   

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