I would do better to be silent

Talk no more so very proudly;
Let no arrogance come from your mouth,
For the Lord is the God of knowledge;
And by Him actions are weighed.
— 1 Samuel 2:3 (NKJV)

Sometimes, I catch myself living solely for Friday. I hear myself saying things like, “Today was the longest day.”

I seldom stop to recognize what my words imply. Do I want my days to be shortened? Do I want my days all together ended for good?

Thinking shapes habit, developing grooves where my words want to travel like water finding the low spot. When words leave my mouth, they also leave an impression on my situation.

The arrogance, the pride in my speech is astonishing. The way I speak freely without care or discipline is shocking when I pause long enough to consider my ways.

My questions are filled with contempt and my wishes are often only for self. I do not possess the knowledge that I so proudly think I do. My actions prove my depravity.

There is no fear of God [and His awesome power] before their eyes.
— Romans 3:18 (AMP)

I would do better to be silent.

Otherwise I prove my own ignorance. The more I contemplate Him the more I discover that trust is developed through hearing and not speaking.

My words seem like argument when made against His wisdom, wisdom that rests on the highest peaks of the heavens. I proudly shout out my knowledge even as I am grounded in dirt.

Be still,” He tells me. I am to know Him, because when I seek His character I am still even more.

Who am I that He even considers me?

These are the questions that I should employ. What part of me was so worthy that He should even know my name?

It is Christ who assigns my worth through His own blood. His very life that holds my bones upright, giving them strength to stand before the mighty throne of God.

When I speak, if I say a word, let it be soaked in the reality of who He is. Oh, the way those words would heal the world around me and blot out the dark spots of my own mind.

Speech founded in heaven brings heaven down to man.

If I utter a sound let it be His will that I read out loud.

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