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I would do better to be silent

Sometimes, I catch myself living solely for Friday. I hear myself saying things like, “Today was the longest day.”

I seldom stop to recognize what my words imply. Do I want my days to be shortened? Do I want my days all together ended for good?

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Be Still


Stillness is the quiet expectation of worship, Goodness pouring forth, preparing me for what lies ahead. 

Even in the darkness there is anticipation of light.  Stillness, waiting for light to peak over the horizon, east.

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The Birds' Story

It seemed like a good day to have an outdoor lunch.  I picked out two of the softest pieces of bread that I could find from the almost two-week-old loaf in the pantry.  I should have been on my way to the grocery store in response to the sad state of my cupboards, but instead I made my way out to the front porch.

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